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Jeffery Helmers

BNI Remarkable Referrals

"I recently went through JT Moore’s Coaching Program, and I’m here to tell you it was an eye-opener for me!

Understanding the psychology, the systems, and the strategies have literally changed the way I do business and the way I network.

In the first 30 days after completing JT’s course, my referrals have tripled as well as my income!"



Edward Bierschenk

BNI Successful Entrepreneurs

"As a business coach with 10 years of experience with BNI, I found JT's coaching to be INVALUABLE!

As a BNI Educational Coordinator, I have studied from several different sources, including BNI Podcasts and BNI University. Out of all that training I’ve had over the past 10 years, JT's coaching was by far the most valuable.

The psychology and the strategies are excellent, yet simple. I highly recommend this training to any coach wanting to get more referrals and clients from BNI."

Dr. Nicole Yezman

BNI Power Lunch

"I just went through JT Moore’s Coaching Program and it was FANTASTIC!  The Psychology, mind-hacks, and strategies are amazing.

JT does a terrific job of teaching these concepts in an easy to use, step by step way, and is friendly about it too. I LOVED it, and I knew I would. So happy I did this training, and would DEFINITELY recommend it to any BNI Member.  It’s extremely valuable training that absolutely delivers.

Thanks, JT!"

David Lesnick

BNI Westside Business Leaders

This training program was way more beneficial than I anticipated and went far beyond what I expected.

It felt more like a personalized coaching program.

This training is a MUST for any networker trying to grow their business.

One caveat, I wouldn't want my competitors to know about it.





Eric Beels

BNI Escondido

JT’s training program is fantastic!  It makes you completely re-think the way you market yourself.

In fact, as a result of his training program, my networking commercial is now completely opposite from what it was, and I love the way he breaks the commercial down into different components, so you can mix things up, and keep it fresh.

The first time I used my new commercial in my chapter meeting, 3 members were interested.  That’s 3 potential clients I would not have had without JT’s training.  He’s a master at marketing and teaching you how to engineer the perfect networking commercial.

This is an excellent training program and I highly recommend it to all BNI members!

Kerrie Maynes
BNI Business Before Breakfast

The Commercial Mastery Coaching Program is something that every BNI member needs to go through. It really helps you understand why your referral partners think the way they do, how to get them to truly listen, and most importantly how to get them to understand what value you bring and how to consistently send you referrals.

This program is exactly as it is described and is laid out in an easy to follow and understand format with specific action items to lead you to easy implementation of the strategies taught. I highly recommend this program for anyone building their business through network marketing!