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Testimonial by Joe Lee

When I met JT, I was literally on my way on out of business.

As a direct result of his coaching, I have increased my business over 500%, all through his UNIQUE Networking & Referral Systems & Strategies.

I started getting more referrals immediately and it just gets better and better every month.

If you think you know how to network... think again!  

JT's coaching was by far the best investment I've ever made.

Testimonial by John Kahn

I’ve been heavily involved in business networking for over 17 years. But I was still frustrated with the results I was getting, or not getting.

Then I met JT and went to his “Elevator Pitch Power" workshop. The very next day, I went to one of my regular networking groups, used my new elevator pitch and left with 4 referrals that day. That has NEVER happened to me before!

I immediately got involved in his coaching program “The Art of Getting Customers - Through Referral Marketing”. The Knowledge I gained has literally transformed and empower me.  JT has opened my eyes to a higher plane of awareness, broke down barriers that were standing in my way and helped me quadruple my business in less than 60 days, by making me aware of what I was not aware of.

His coaching is stimulating, thought provoking and extremely valuable!

If you want to really understand how to take your business and personal relationships to levels you only dreamed about, then you need to get in touch with JT immediately.

I rate his coaching a 10++++

Testimonial by Fiona Irvine

For me networking was very frustrating. I belonged to several networking referral groups, went on 1-2-1 meeting almost every day, but I was just wasn't seeing good results.

After going though JT's Networking & Referral Coaching Program... I received more referrals within the first 30 days than I had received in the previous 6 months.

JT's Coaching is AMAZING and Incredibly Valuable!

Testimonial by Dr. Lenae White

I was one of those people that said “I Hate Networking!”  I did it because I had too.  I need customers to grow my business.  But I was NOT comfortable with networking at all.  I found it very intimidating and it made me feel uncomfortable, awkward and highly anxious.  I saw networking as an Intrusive sales push and I always had a fear that people would see me as desperate and not passionate or interested in their issues.

The first thing I noticed about JT is how intently he listened to what I was saying.  He is an incredible listener and has this interesting ability to drill-down into what is really important or what he would call “value”.  He asked me to describe my networking strategy and once I finished he calmly said… “Everything your doing is backwards… your doing what everyone else is doing, that’s why it feels so uncomfortable.

After going through JT’s coaching program, I had a completely different perspective on networking.  He got me out of my comfort zone and gave the tools I needed to not only conquer my fears and anxieties, but to succeed beyond what I had imagined.  Now, I am constantly networking. No matter where I am, i’m meeting people, talking to people, and seeing where they're at and finding ways to help them with what they're struggling with.

JT is a Miracle!  Without his coaching, I would’t be networking today.  I wouldn’t be where I am today.  He is GREAT teacher and extremely passionate about what he does; helping people get more customers and helping people to become what they really want to be.

If you want to learn how to network with confidence, how to listen with intent and purpose, and build relationships that continue to yield connections to customers, I highly recommend JT.  What he teaches has Immeasurable value!!!