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My first introduction to referral networking was with BNI (Business Networking International). For the first 6 months, I went to every weekly meeting and 3 one-to-one’s every week. I was fully engaged in the program! I was fully engaged in the program!

However, the results were sporadic. I got referrals every once in a while, but not enough to depend on, and certainly not enough to dramatically increase my revenue. And I gave 2-3 times as many referrals as I ever received.

Then, I went to a weekend seminar on customer acquisition. How to get more marketing clients. Which was my biggest problem at the time! I just couldn’t get in front of the right people on a consistent basis.

Anyway, at this seminar, I learned something that completely changed the way I network. The speaker asked this question… “Are you blindly following the crowd, or are you innovating new ways to get marketing clients?


That question sent me down a rabbit hole of thoughts and ideas. It was a HUGE light bulb moment!

When it came to networking, I just showed up with a stack of business cards and followed along with what everyone else was doing. That was a HUGE CRITICAL MISTAKE!

That was 12 years ago, and now teach networkers how to dramatically increase the amount of referrals they get through networking.

And I ALWAYS start with their elevator pitch, because it has the fastest impact on getting more referrals.




Are You LOSING Referrals
Just Because Of Your Elevator Pitch?







When I first started networking at BNI, I thought my elevator pitch was pretty good. Everyone clapped afterward. But they do that for everyone. But that’s more of courtesy. Does that mean it’s good?

What I later learned was, my elevator pitch was TERRIBLE!
I lost more referrals than I received because my elevator pitch wasn’t pushing the right buttons, and it was completely opposite from a great elevator pitch.

The biggest mistakes I made with my elevator pitch was following along with what everyone else was doing.  "Following The Crowd"

If you’re making any one of these elevator pitch mistakes, you’re losing referrals, customers, and money. No doubt about it!

9 out of 10 Networkers are making most or all of these critical mistakes with their elevator pitch.


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