Teaching Networkers How To first DOUBLE, then TRIPLE, then QUADRUPLE their Referrals, by Completely Re-Engineering their Weekly Commercial, and using my Commercial Strategy.



JT Moore

What if you suddenly discovered you're LOSING 3-4 Referrals for every 1 Referral You Get just because your Commercial is Completely Backward, and You Don’t Have a Strategy for Your Commercial?

Let’s be honest — Most Networking Commercials are Dull & Uninspiring. I’ve heard over a thousand of them, and the vast majority of them are Boring, Outdated, and Ineffective.

When it comes to getting The MAXIMUM Number of Referrals from Your Chapter, there are 3 Critical Components:
#1 Building Relationships
#2 Having a GREAT Commercial
#3 A GREAT Strategy to MAXIMIZE the First 2 Components

Now you might be wondering... 
What Makes Me an Expert on 60-Second Commercials?

Well, that’s what I do for a living!

My primary business is centered around Producing Commercials for my Marketing Clients.

Over the past 19 years, I’ve written and produced over 3500 Hundred 30/60/90-Second Commercials. And over the last 6 years, I’ve Trained over 600 Networkers how to dramatically increase their referrals.



From My Private Coaching Clients and Live Workshops

Testimonial by Joe Lee

When I met JT, I was literally on my way out of business.

As a direct result of his training program, I've increased my business over 400%.

I started getting more referrals immediately and it keeps getting better month-after-month.

If you think you have a good networking commercial, think again!

JT's training is by far the best business investment I've ever made.

Testimonial by John Kahn

I’ve been heavily involved in business networking for over 17 years. But I was still very frustrated with the results I was getting, or NOT getting.

Then I met JT and went through his Training Program. The very next day, I went to one of my regular networking group, and left with 4 referrals that day. That's NEVER happened before!

His coaching program is stimulating, thought provoking and extremely valuable!

On a scale of 1-10... I rate his training program a 10++++

Testimonial by Fiona Irvine

For me networking was very frustrating. I belonged to several networking referral groups, went on 1-2-1 meeting almost every day, but I was just wasn't seeing good results.

After going though JT's Program... I received more referrals within the first 30 days than I had the previous 6 months.

JT's training is AMAZING and Incredibly Valuable!

Testimonial by Dean Davis

I've been networking for 4 years now, and I thought I had a good weekly presentation.

As it turns out, it was terrible!

I doubled my referrals in the first 30 days, tripled them in 60-days, and quadrupled them in 90-days.  Just like he said!

Thank you JT - I'm very grateful!